About us

Fundamental Philosophy

《Shelter philosophy》

Seek for what is right

《Fundamental business policy》

Create, innovate, and challenge ourselves


1. In accordance with “building first-rate homes” which has been the spirit of our company since its foundation, we shall raise the quality of homes, which is the base point for our lives, to a standard that surpasses the quality of North America and Europe, raise the name of Shelter to become a status symbol for life and an architectural brand, and provide joy and inspiration to our clients.

2. We shall take pride as a pioneering company which developed the metal joinery hardware construction method and fire-resistant wooden materials, strengthen our skills and qualities as a human being, achieve the No. 1 position in the world of wood structure technology, and realize its goal in creating a forest in the City or a “Timberized City.”

3. We shall create new social values and change without being satisfied with the present through persistent research and development in producing products/technologies that do not exist or cannot be created.