Diverse Architecture

I believe that the challenge for current and future architecture is the question of how we can create architecture that embodies a sense of diversity.

Diverse architecture could perhaps be defined as a place that brings further freedom and enrichment to peoples’ lifestyles and activities through the diversity it provides, as well as serving as a setting in which relationships between people connect and form ties in various ways.

Is it possible to create architecture that transcends and provides even more diversity than that brought forth by the architecture we are familiar with?
By what means then, are we able to conceive such architecture?
What does it look like, and what kind of experiences would they initiate?

Although it may appear very vague, it is an area that is replete with a significant amount of possibility.
My intent is for students to reconsider architecture from aspects of scale, location, functions, and anticipated programs in hopes to present proposals for diverse architecture.

Sou Fujimoto

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