Shelter Technology


FREE WOOD is a moniker for a group of curved or twisting wood materials produced by “bending,” “cutting out,” or “chipping out.” FREE WOOD makes use of the flexibility and ease of processing afforded by wood and not found in steel or concrete and creates absolutely new wooden buildings.

In recent years, variously shaped wooden buildings which are not restricted to conventional box-shapes are increasing in number. Works with a high degree of design properties such as specially-shaped roof structures are being produced, making use of wood’s lightness and ease of processing.Constructing such wooden buildings had involved methods such as “bending” and “cutting out” the wood materials.
To respond to more complex designing and processing needs, Shelter has developed and implemented state-of-the-art 3D woodworking machines, design/processing software and has made “chipping out” wood materials commercially viable for the first time in Japan. Freer designs are now possible such as to process twisting shapes which were difficult until now.

Shelter will broadly support it customers from structural design to materials procurement, processing, and construction, even for unprecedented novel ideas.

FREE WOODを使ったモニュメント
Monument made from FREE WOOD